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Optimize Your Digital Journey with ChromeOS

IT consulting to help your organization Run, Grow, and Transform!

Enhance IT security with budget-friendly ChromeOS devices for your organization

At RGT Consultants, we specialize in helping organizations embrace ChromeOS devices as their primary computing solution. Our expert team offers a range of consulting services, including assessments, Proof of Concepts, and ChromeOS training, to support data-driven decision-making and successful adoption.

Experience the power of ChromeOS, safeguarding your IT from security breaches while enabling peak performance at the office, remote work, or anywhere in between. Discover how ChromeOS can save your organization money and fortify your cybersecurity defenses!

Get in touch with us today to explore the endless possibilities of ChromeOS for your organization’s growth and success!

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Why Organizations are Deploying ChromeOS

Proactively secured with built-in features

Safeguard your people and profitability with a natively secure OS, shielding against breaches and costly attacks.

Swift deployment and effortless management

Swift and seamless deployment suitable for teams of any size, with easy fleet management accessible from anywhere.

Empowering a modern employee experience, regardless of location

Embrace our modern, cloud-first OS for a sustainable approach, boosting productivity for in-office, remote, and hybrid work scenarios.

Abundant apps catering to every worker’s needs

Elevate your organization’s productivity with top-notch suites and video conferencing apps catering to all your workforce needs.

An intelligent and sustainable investment choice

Advanced devices that lower costs, enhance profitability, and contribute to a greener planet by reducing your organization’s carbon footprint and e-waste.

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Why work with RGT Consultants

Transitioning to a new operating system can be complex and costly if you lack the expertise. At RGT Consultants, we are ChromeOS specialists, with a team consisting of former Google employees boasting 20+ years of experience in the ChromeOS division. We have guided and trained numerous organizations in adopting ChromeOS as their primary computing solution, avoiding costly errors and ensuring successful deployment. As a Google Cloud partner with technical ChromeOS Admin certifications and key partnerships, we offer the best strategies to deploy and manage ChromeOS. Our product-neutral approach ensures tailored recommendations for your needs.

Our services

Unlock the full potential of ChromeOS with our specialized APT (Assess, Prove, Train) methodology, meticulously crafted to empower your organization’s seamless adoption.

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Assessment Services

Discover ChromeOS's potential with our expert consultants who will assess your organization's IT and business needs, gauging your readiness for ChromeOS deployment.

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Proof of Concept Services

Experience ChromeOS firsthand with a 30-day demo using three Chromebooks, accompanied by our IT consulting expertise. Evaluate ChromeOS as a computing solution while setting up enterprise-grade management and security policies.

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Training Services

Gain mastery in ChromeOS management with our consultants who not only demonstrate best practices but also guide you to obtain Google's ChromeOS Admin Certification. Acquire essential skills to effectively manage your ChromeOS devices and earn a prestigious industry certification.

ChromeOS Solutions

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Chromebooks for Work

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Chromebooks for Schools

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ChromeOS Flex for PCs/Macs

RGT Consultants Partnerships

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What makes Chrome OS a great platform for enterprise?

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