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ChromeOS Assessment Service

Many organizations want to revamp their systems by transitioning from traditional endpoints to streamlined Chromebooks running ChromeOS. However, many organizations rush the deployment phase without considering their current IT infrastructure and organization’s strategies, resulting in bad end-user experiences, increased overhead costs, and abandoned IT projects.

RGT Consultants excel at simplifying the transition to ChromeOS. During our initial consultation, our experts will evaluate your current technology infrastructure, including its endpoints, applications, networking components, and security tools. They will also assess compliance, security, and regulatory requirements to get a clear picture of whether ChromeOS is viable for your organization.

Based on the findings, our consultants will provide you with a ChromeOS readiness score along with details on the technical or business blockers to a smooth transition. RGT Consultants will then discuss the potential benefits of ChromeOS for your particular operation and provide a step-by-step deployment plan should you choose to move forward.

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ChromeOS is a smart investment for your organization

Robust security

ChromeOS protects your systems and data in cloud servers equipped with enterprise-grade defenses.

Streamlined deployment

Our consultants will help you implement ChromeOS as seamlessly as possible.

Anytime, anywhere access

ChromeOS allows your team to work anywhere they feel most productive, whether it be in the office, at home, or anywhere in between.

Top-notch productivity apps

ChromeOS is compatible with many feature-rich apps designed to increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.

Significant cost savings

Cloud-based operating systems help you save money on expensive hardware, reduce costly downtime, and prevent expensive data breaches.

Why trust our expertise for your ChromeOS transformation?

Objective assessments

Our assessment covers ever facet of your current technology landscape, from endpoints, device management and applications to security.

Technology strategy alignment

We meticulously assess your organization’s needs to determine how ChromeOS adoption aligns with your objectives.

Readiness score and recommendations

We provide a ChromeOS readiness score that includes actionable recommendations on how you can prepare your organization for digital transformation.

End-to-end support

Our commitment doesn't end with the assessment. We provide ongoing support to address questions, concerns, and technical glitches.

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