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ChromeOS Flex for PCs/Macs

Bring new life to PCs and Macs with ChromeOS Flex

What is ChromeOS Flex?

ChromeOS Flex is a free version of ChromeOS that can run seamlessly on Macs and PCs. By bringing ChromeOS to a wider range of devices, ChromeOS Flex transforms your existing hardware into a lightweight and secure cloud computing solution. The OS is packed with cutting-edge applications, boasts rapid boot times, and ensures consistently responsive performance.

When you install ChromeOS on your current hardware, you can essentially extend the life of your current devices by bringing them into the modern cloud environment. Whether you're exploring ChromeOS for the first time or expanding your existing deployment, ChromeOS Flex provides an accessible path toward streamlined operations and a more productive digital ecosystem.

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Modernize your PCs & Macs with ChromeOS Flex

Powerful security

ChromeOS Flex blocks executable files, eliminating the need for anti-malware software. The OS isolates threats within specific tabs or applications, preventing unwanted intrusions from affecting the entire system. ChromeOS Flex also features intuitive IT controls, automatic updates, and cloud-based data storage to enhance data protection and reduce ransomware risk.

Simple deployment and management

Installing ChromeOS Flex is a breeze through USB or network connections. User preferences, bookmarks, and policies seamlessly sync from cloud profiles. Plus, the Google Admin Console makes it easy to configure policies, distribute updates, and control app usage within your organization from a single location.

Optimized for modern working demands

ChromeOS Flex guarantees fast boot times and regular system updates to minimize downtime and interruptions. Plus, ChromeOS Flex features easy access to Google Workspace as well as cloud profiles that enable users to work no matter where they are.

Maximized hardware utilization

Since ChromeOS Flex runs on cloud technology, your organization can maximize the potential of old hardware. Implementing ChromeOS Flex allows you to extend your current systems’ life span, minimize electronic waste, and increase the value of your hardware investment.

When should you consider ChromeOS Flex?

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